Healthy Sex Life Wanted!

Healthy Sex Life Wanted!

Sex is more than just the physically intimate ritual. Sex is so powerful that it programs the mind, body and soul. You can have sex with anybody or with an escort or escorts but it will not be the same as in a relationship.

A Healthy sex life involves loving and trusting your partner, being fully and completely open with your partner, wanting to please the other as much or more than wanting to receive pleasure yourself, having good eye contact and good communication throughout the act itself.

Therefore since sex is so much more then just the physical aspects, we can be sure that in order to have a satisfying and healthy sex life it must start from outside the bedroom. Having a good solid intimate relationship will go a long way in helping you build the kind of healthy sex life that you want for the long-term.

Sex is a very powerful tool and ritual therefore is important to choose the right partner with the utmost care and consideration before diving into such a powerful act as your first time more than any other will go on to influence your mind, body & spirit in a major way.

Did you know that sex not only feels great but also improve your physical, mental and spiritual health when in the right context. A Healthy Sex Life can be an extremely healing tool. In order for sex to be wholesomely beneficial- healthy, honest intimate relationships are necessary as in the case with marriage or at least long-term committed relationships. Sex is a very intimate ritual wherein trust & respect are of the utmost importance.

Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

A healthy sex life should add quality, fun, vitality, and intimacy to an already established relationship. A few of the psychological benefits of a healthy sex life are lower stress and anxiety levels as well as deeper intimacy and increased happiness by releasing feel-good endorphins.

Physiological benefits of a healthy sex life include things such as lower blood pressure, improved immune system functioning, better physical well-being throughout life, and even lowers the risk of certain cancers.


Healthy Sex Life Goes Beyond The Physical

When you are committed to your partner for life as in the case with marriage, a special thing takes place, you in and your partner actually become one in spirit… “and the two shall become one”. This is part of the reason why sex is so incredibly powerful-it transmutes on all three levels of being-body, mind and soul.

Trust or faith, love and sex are the three most powerful of all positive emotions and when combined with have a way of instantly reaching your subconscious mind where it is turned into the spiritual equivalent the only form which induces a response from Infinite Intelligence or the Creator.

This is why things like angry sex, pity sex or makeup sex when you haven’t truly made up are not healthy and are very destructive yourself, to your partner and believe it or not the universe around you.

Because when you have sex the energy that you are creating through that intimate ritual goes out into the universe and remains active infinitely unless consciously neutralized through the law of your word and through the law of action.

So as you can see in order to have the most fulfilling beneficial healthy sex life possible, intimate healthy relationships are required. And although you may have great sex without a great relationship (escort or escorts) it will not be long-lived if there isn’t trust, respect, unconditional love and intimacy behind it.

All these are healthy sex life

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