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Our great buddies from IK Media named us. They want to hook up a follower with some equipment!

Launched in 1996 in Modeno Italy, IK Multimedia set out with the mission of bringing the higher-high-quality seem of typical analog equipment totally into the digital realm. Their core goal was to locate a solution to the problem, can we “emulate electronic circuits using DSP algorithms” that will “feed an audio signal by means of the computer system and get the same seem?” 

Greatest, the answer to this issue was a resounding “Yes!” IK Multimedia’s initial piece of gear emulated a classic Abbey Road console – a nod to their longstanding purpose of bringing the power of common, famous goods to musicians in a way that is straightforward, inspirational and extremely economical.

The IK Multimedia corporation motto “Musicians First” is a excellent illustration of their mission manifest. The IK Multimedia group were being musicians very first and foremost. From the engineers and software package designers to the promoting and revenue crew, each individual products is developed from the perspective of a musician, “Would we use this ourselves?” This means that they only layout and generate merchandise made from the viewpoint of musicians, with the goal of building every single product simple-to-use and available for musicians of all levels and kinds.

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