Everyday we fall down for various reasons, feel like everything is drowning,we are drowning but we as humans, always have another day to look up to, another sun rise and whole lot of opportunities for us to grab and the world waiting for us to conquer it.

Isn’t life funny ? When we were kids we would always wait for the evening so that we could go out and play, not realizing we were having the best time of our lives and simultaneously we were always keeping our body fit with the little amount of sports we used to play then.

l feel better when l have my fashion bag on hand. From 4bag (gynaikeia tsanta).

As we grow up, we tend to indulge in other activities, we keep getting busy and we end up not taking care of our bodies. Very few of us still remain loyal to our bodies, to the sports we used to play in school and still exercise, while the rest of us become ignorant towards the one universe, that’s our body. I know how difficult it is to take out time from our busy routine, but is it that difficult to take out just 30 mins to walk, jog or may be do yoga?

Dieting has never been my cup of tea because I love cheese and chocolates so much, Don’t you?
So I know how I cannot diet, but I try covering it up by taking a 20 minutes jog and stretching it out. I remember how crazy I was for Basketball all my school life but as I moved to Delhi for my college, I lost the hang of it and the next thing I remember I became fat. My stomach was popping out and I could not fit into my old clothes which is not a good feeling for sure. I am not talking about body shaming here but I am definitely talking about being fit. I know so many girls who eat thrice that of my appetite, but are still thin like a stick and do not believe in burning it out. To me that’s outrageous, as we keep eating outside most of the time, we need to participate in at least a 20 minutes workout, that’s the least we can do for our beautiful bodies even if you are thin or slightly over weight.

It’s not about having a zero figure, or being thin, it’s about being fit. As we say, to feel good, you need to look good. There is an attire for every occasion and I have noticed it personally. Until and unless I don’t feel good in my joggers, I don’t feel like running. Or if I haven’t put on that amazing sports bra I wouldn’t like going for my dance class. It’s funny but it’s true. Clothes have feelings to it, and you will be ignorant to not notice it.

Here is the look that I created from Bewakoof.com keeping in mind the free spirit, fierce attitude and to never falling down. If at all we do, then to get up and kick some ass. Joggers and crop tops with a bomber jacket are something anyone can pull off even on a runway show, No kidding!

Nobody can live without eating right, so let’s make it a point to make this one life that we have with lots of food but also filled with a lot of workout sessions and keep killing it.