Is My Septic System Too Old?

If you are like many homeowners you are not quite sure just how old the septic system is, or you do know but you’re afraid that admitting your septic tank is over 30 years old means you are forced to replace it.  It raises an interesting question.  How do you know when your septic tank is too old?

As a contractor ( ydravlikos )I can tell you that there is no magic age where your septic system becomes too old to function.  I have seen septic tanks fail after just a few years of use and I have seen septic systems work for over 50 years without ever being pumped out.  There is no simple way to cut it.  Each home and septic system is unique; down to the number of people living in the home and what type of products are used.

When people say that their septic system is too old, they are either referring to the septic tank having a problem or the drain field having a problem.  By problem, I mean it is clogged, not draining properly or it smells of sewage and septic odor.  Chances are this did not develop overnight and it has absolutely nothing to do with the age of the system.  Age can only play a role in the sense that years of use have led to more solid waste material in the drain lines and therefore a slowing draining system.  That means waste backs up in the septic tank more and it runs the risk of causing smell, or drain flow problems.

A septic system is not a car, it will not reach a certain mileage where it just quits on you.  Over time normal wear and tear can slow down a system and without the proper treatment, it will continue to get worse and worse.

The only way to prevent normal wear and tear from building up is to pump the tank regularly, which can be expensive, or to use a monthly septic treatment additive to ensure that the septic system runs smooth regardless of age.

Septic System replacement is a very costly option to consider.  You should not have to pay for a new drain field or septic tank just because it is old.  Chances are you will be able to restore your septic system with a quality shock treatment combined with a monthly maintenance program.  While they cost more than ignoring your septic problem, they will save you tens of thousands of dollars on replacing one.

No septic system is too old, only damaged beyond repair.  Before you go replacing the system, try using a leading septic product to restore your system.  It may be the decision that saves you thousands of dollars.

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