The 20 Best Dubstep Songs of the EDM Decade -

UPDATE (12/23/2019): Honorable mentions were added and “Bangarang” by Skrillex was removed and replaced as it was erroneously listed as dubstep.

It’s safe to say that this decade has been the biggest in the history of dubstep. While propelling to the top of the electronic world early in the decade and becoming one of the most popular EDM subgenres for years afterwards, dubstep went beyond  the initial hype and became a driving force in the electronic music realm. 

In honor of the amazing decade of dubstep we’ve got to enjoy, here are the genre’s 20 best tracks of the decade.

20. “Rail Breaker” – Riot Ten ft. Rico Act

An anthem dedicated to those who like to make venue security worry, “Rail Breaker” embodies the spirit of the headbangers in the front row. With a minimalistic introduction putting full emphasis on Rico Act‘s now-iconic vocals, hardcore fans of dubstep have found themselves embracing the idea of headbanging so hard their necks are sore. 

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