Tomorrowland Mysteriously Goes Dark on Social Media and Website -

Lovers have place on their tinfoil hats as a new secret surrounds a single of the world’s major festivals. This morning, all of Tomorrowland‘s social media accounts went dark. They improved their profile pictures to very little but a good black picture and shared the image in posts on each individual system as perfectly. 

In addition to the social media accounts, the formal website committed to the Belgian pageant was replaced by absolutely nothing but a black display screen. Pro-amount sleuths from the /r/Tomorrowland subreddit found out that when you look at the website’s supply code (push CTRL-Shift-I or ideal-click on on the site then pick “Inspect”) you can see a concealed concept that suggests: “Light travels quicker than sound – 299 792 458 m/s.”

Some fans have begun to speculate that the trace signifies that up coming year’s concept will be “Pyramids from Place” as it’s been documented that a person of the guides from the main phase generation at the last event experienced that title. Curiously sufficient, the theory is fueled even further thinking about the Excellent Pyramid of Giza is quite often connected with the pace of gentle owing to the coordinates remaining really close to the pace in meters per 2nd.

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